inar03-chris-como  1. SET YOUR LEFT SIDE HIGHER
Without a club, you'll have a better sense for what your body should be feeling. At address for an iron shot, position your left side higher and feel slightly more pressure on your left foot (right). This is a good starting place for making a dynamic backswing and will pre-set your mind for how your body should feel as you progress through the swing.

Mimic your backswing and shift the pressure from your left foot to your right without your body swaying back.

Your hip and shoulder turns should feel big and free (below), but your right foot and leg need to stay stable. You're making a full backswing while maintaining the feeling that you can drive hard off your right side to start the downswing.

The key to hitting penetrating irons is to deloft the clubface without hitting down too much. Many players think they have to force their hands down, which produces erratic contact. That's why it's great to do this drill without a club—you can focus on the feel in your body without worrying about impact. Shift and rotate your hips forward, feeling your left side move up and out of the way (below). Clear your hips, and imagine the clubhead "collecting the ball." That's how to hit with a delofted face.