There are hundreds of varieties of basil and mainly they have similar base properties


Hey pesto! Nope it's hey presto to the exotic he-she herb Basil that has travelled the spice route from the East for 5000 years to be a delightful companion in pastas.
Basil is a common herb in the kitchen and easily found on supermarket shelves. During pregnancy a tea a day can improve the blood circulation. It's the cinnamanic acid, which helps and also has a beneficial effect in cases of diabetes


Related to the mint family {first cousin to Joe Mint the original peppermint} it is often used for nausea, gas, constipation and indigestion

The ancient travellers knew the strong natural anti-inflammatory properties of basil and used it for chest complaints, bronchitis and coughs. Because it is also anti bacterial it helps with cuts and some intestinal. parasites.. Chew a few leaves in the morning and it will flush the bacteria out the body.

Researchers today have isolated the anti-inflammatory and gave it the big name BCP (beta caryophyllene). Its this BCP which also gives marijuana its relieving qualities Riding a camel long distance can be traumatic yet the BCP in basil is helpful for camel induced headaches and minor pains similar to the effect of medical marijuana yet without the high.


3 Likely a nice relaxing drink when reading the newspaper these days. So when the government hears of this they may ban Basil too--anything is possible from what represents current intelligent government.


Antioxidants have a strong preventative effect in eliminating free radicals and basil is well endowed with a toolbox full of it for strengthening the body defences against cancers of the liver and skin.
Basil oil is a very strong anti oxidant. The leaf can be taken as a tea either fresh or dried with 1 teaspoon to a cup boiling water--about 4 fresh leaves. Tinctures capsules and pastes are also available.

It is said that basil helps for anti aging yet unless the anti oxidant element is seriously strong; it is questionable. Good luck to you and if it works the chances are you will need this tip--- if you get an insect bite crush some leaves and rub on the wound, a sigh of relief follows.

Most common herbs have wonderful uses----"and the herbs of the field shall be for thee for medicine"---Yup we have forgotten to use the kitchen as a pharmacy but the large pharmaceutical companies are watching and plotting to take away the freely given and available herbal medicines and make a big buck by making them available over the counter and by doctor's note only. As if billions excess is not enough, the cruelty of bottom line business mirrors its gross gluttony..


The usual safe dose for tea is one teaspoon to 1 cup boiling water and if the fresh plant is used then the equivalent of two teaspoons to a cup.