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16002894 581786605340610 3341806760160165906 nThe landscape attracts visitors for endless views of beautiful vineyards, wheat fields and fruit trees, where agriculture and intact nature alternate in harmony on sweet hills. Among the green vines stand out the typical "Bolognese red" houses.

The facility consists of 12 double rooms, a breakfast room, a restaurant and a stunning Biolake, which can be used as a swimming-pool by our customers. The complex features a recently renovated former barn, ideal for holding banquets, meetings or group activities.
Always respectful of the surrounding nature, we are passionate about producing delicious wines, inspired by traditional recipes. You can admire our vineyards just looking out of the window of your room.
Those who choose Corte D’Aibo, opt for quality, courtesy, love of nature and a great wine!

Corte d'Aibo, a farmhouse near Bologna, offers accommodation in 12 comfortable double rooms, all with private bathroom, satellite TV and air conditioning, some featuring sofa beds suitable for families with children or groups.
The rooms in our house near Bologna, are all recently refurbished in line with the architectural characteristics of the historic compoundand offerouter cornersof relaxation overlooking the hills and vineyards.


The restaurant, nestled in the hills of Bologna, is renowned for the quality and typicalness of the food,which isservedin aquiet and charming atmosphere.The coursesare accompaniedwith wines producedin the company.
Our restaurant is open to the general public and will totally meet your needs in respect of the culinary tradition of our country. You can taste our specialties served with excellent wines from our winery.
Come and try our food, you will not be disappointed!


"The Guardian" quotes Corte d'Aibo among the 10 "Best places to stay in Italy for foodies"
The prestigious British newspaper "The Guardian" quotes Corte D'Aibo in the top ten "Best places to stay in Italy for foodies", the 10 best food a …

Corte d’ Aibo is a farmhouse with swimming-pool in Bologna Bologna (municipality of Monteveglio). Ours is not just a swimming-pool but a real swimming bio-lake made in respect of the surrounding nature and your well-being. Take a dive, you will experience a totally new emotion!
The bio-lake is a freshwater ornamental basin where you can swim in total safety and tranquillity, immersed in a natural ecosystem, perfectly integrated with the surrounding landscape.The absence of chemicals for water treatment, the use of a natural filtration system (phytodepuration) and the pleasant sensation of bathing in the nature are just some of the features that make the difference between this natural pond and the traditional swimming pool. That is why, unlike many who call this product bio-pool, we prefer to call it swimming bio-lake.
In the bio-lake, filtration is carried out by plants, microflora and microfauna. These plants are rooted in the special substrate with specific mineral components, useful for further elimination of pollutants.
The bio-lake contains no chemicals for disinfection, so the feeling on your skin is that of much more pleasant and natural fresh water.
The small animals that populate the lake, in the depuration area, (amphibians, insects) seem to appreciate this small ecosystem they have chosen as home contributing to its equilibrium.
This lively ecosystem is however delicate and we must respect it.
Therefore, it is extremely important to follow the bathing instructions. For all these reasons we define ourselves not simply a farmhouse with pool in Bologna ... but a farmhouse with a bio-lake!


They produce wines from the beautiful hills of Bologna. The production of organic wine is the core of our business operations. Wines are made exclusively from our grapes, with the aid of the most modern technologies, following the specifications of organic farming, and bottled in the company.
We have always tried to value our land and products, giving priority to their quality and ’purity’. The wines from the hills of Bologna have very specific characteristics that we try to exploit with the help of our organic production. A.I.A.B. (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture) has been inspecting and certifying our production since 1991.

Given the favourable climatic conditions of the low hill, the farm pursues a careful search of quality and typicality of wines, confirmed in numerous national and international awards and honours. Among the green and the vineyards stand out the typical "Bolognese red" houses, consisting of a main house dating back to the sixteenth century, settled as a fortified tower, later transformed into a small convent, as testified by the vaulted ceiling and the many niches in the thick walls. The land called d'Aibo is already mentioned in ancient writings of the early ’500, reporting as the canons of the monastery of Monteveglio bought several plots in the area called " the vineyards of d’Aibo " thus documenting a remote viticulture of our estates. At the end of the 80s, the land was bought by young winemakers who started the long process of restructuring the already existing vineyards, producing new plants with high density vineyards, building a modern winery, thus implementing a deep appreciation of this wonderful area.

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